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In the development of modern automation technology, flexibility is a very important indicator, including flexibility and convenience of installation, use, production and commissioning. HE, HEE, HK, HM and other product series of SMICO Connector and optional shells with IP65/IP68protection grade and various kinds of outlet and lock catch can satisfy the requirements in all kinds of space and all sorts of electrical connection. 

SMICO has been committed to offer eliable and safety products and solutions for the elevator and escalator industry. Our connectors are applied in many subsystems of elevator and escalator, such as the inverter control system& the system control cabinet of elevator, and the control station and the scene debugging maintenance control cabinet, and so on. SMICO products can save the installation space effectively.

The applied connectors

●Offer 3-216 loop
●Three kinds of connection
● IP65 and IP68 shells
●Offer many suites of products, convenient to select and procure
● The current up to 100A
●The voltage up to 690V

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