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Globalisation is entering a new phase: as the emerging markets enter a boom period, there are more than 2 billion new consumers on the world market. At the same time, general mobility is increasing and resources are getting scarcer. Transport networks are becoming increasingly more complex and safety and facility availability requirements increasingly more demanding. This is speeding up the move to the next level of industrial automation.  A constantly high level of safety, reliability and operability is needed – for everything from software and hardware to connections.

Device manufacturers and system integrators, who intelligently network smart technologies and thereby safely control complex, system-wide processes, are not only making a key contribution to solving future challenges, but are also tapping into the accompanying potential for growth.In the development of modern automation technology, flexibility is a very important indicator,including flexibility and convenience of installation, use, production and commissioning.

HE, HEE, HK, HM and other product series of SMICO Connector and optional shells with IP65/IP68 protection grade and various kinds of outlet and lock catch can satisfy the requirements in all kinds of space and all sorts of electrical connection.

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