Automobile production line of SMICO heavy duty connector

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 Automobile production line is the flow production line of car production. The operating line process includes welding, pressing, coating, power assembly, and etc, to improve the automation level of the automobile manufacturers.

  At present, most of the international universal production lines encounter such problems as security fence problem, maintenance problem and model choice problem. Regarding these problems, SMICO heavy duty connector can solve these problems perfectly. Regarding security fence problem, the protection level of SMICO connectors can reach IP65/IP68, it solves the dust and pollution problems effectively. Regarding maintenance problem, SMICO connectors can be serviced plug and play, and the parts can be pre-produced and pre-assembly. The exterior line and the interior line can be assembled separately. Hence, the installation and maintenance will be convenient and rapid, and it reduces the installation errors. Moreover, SMICO connector can also pre-formulate the cable size and length of the car wiring harness, to meet the customers’ requirement of high efficiency.

   Regarding automobile production line, SMICO heavy duty connector mainly applies to: automobile body molding system, welding robot, control cabinet, intelligent control system, assembly line conveying system, elevator, I-beam workblank workshop, transmission beam regulating system, and metal beam combined system.


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