Connectivity: A more compact and efficient robotics world

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Robots were once known as "the pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown", and the R&D, manufacturing and application of industrial robots are an important symbol for measuring a country's technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. With the continuous upgrading of China's overall industrial chain, as well as the continuous decline of China's population birth rate, difficulty in recruiting, reduction of suitable-age labor, and increasing labor costs, China's industrial robots have broad market growth potential. According to a data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the output of industrial robots in China will reach 366,000 units in 2021, an increase of 10 times over 2015. The scale of the industry is growing rapidly. Its applications cover 60 major industries in the national economy, ranking first in the world. Industrial Robot Market

Connectivity: A more compact and efficient robotics world

Faced with the development of industrial robot technology with increasingly intelligent, modular and diversified applications, the importance of various power supply, signal and data connections related to robot systems is also becoming increasingly prominent, which can be regarded as "the most advanced and mature industrial robot system architecture". lifeline".

Key Connectivity Challenges

First, with the continuous application of various automation technologies such as sensor technology and big data in industrial robots, industrial robots are gradually developing towards the intelligent direction of autonomous learning and autonomous operation. Therefore, industrial robots will increase the connection nodes of more sensors and other devices. How to ensure the stable and reliable transmission of a large amount of data at the connection points will be particularly important, especially in a relatively complex industrial site environment; at the same time, it is also necessary to ensure The interface conforms to the latest industry standards, ensuring compatibility with other devices.

Second, industrial robots often need to be manufactured in large quantities, and have relatively high requirements on the standardization of products, which can ensure the performance of robot products to the greatest extent. The modularization of each core component of the robot has laid a solid foundation for the standardization of the entire robot. More importantly, the customization based on modularization will be more suitable for the market's constant demand for the rapid introduction of new models. To this end, the modular structure requires that its interface needs to meet a variety of application combinations of power, signal and data connections, especially a rich and complete connector product line as a basis, so that users can flexibly make various combinations, and preferably also be able to Customized development according to the latest needs of users.

Third, the application of robots has expanded from the initial automotive industry and 3C industry to more general industrial fields. Especially with the upgrading of domestic industries and the impact of the epidemic, industrial robots have gradually penetrated into some industrial segments and commercial fields. With the large number of applications of robots in various industries, the demand for power, signal and data connections will continue to be extended and expanded. Extensive application performance and rich product lines will be the keys to ensuring various successful applications.

Connectivity: A more compact and efficient robotics world

Create connected value

Whether it is a 6-axis robot, SCARA, parallel robot or collaborative robot, SMICO's representative products such as HD, Han Module, Han K, and Han Q series, as well as general-purpose products M8/12, RJ45, Dsub and other series can provide one-stop connection solutions and services from connectors to overall wiring harnesses for industrial robot customers," 

These world-leading connection products and industry solutions of SMICO have been widely used in robot bodies, control cabinets, line packs, various peripheral supporting equipment (such as welding guns, gluing, etc.), as well as system integration projects. It not only provides customers with rich and highly reliable connection solutions, but also helps customers solve their product modularization and standardized structural design.

According to reports, SMICO's outstanding advantages in the industrial robot industry are mainly reflected in:

●Full product line: covering various common power, signal and data connectors and their wiring harnesses for industrial robots;

● Rich application performance: from the four major robot families to domestic robot head enterprises, and their system integration projects are used;

●Products comply with domestic and international standards: 3C, CE, UL and other certifications are complete;

●Leading the technical standards and development trends of the industrial connector industry: On the basis of the original Han series, a new generation of products is continuously developed, such as Han Domino series compact modular products, single-pair Ethernet iX and other series products.

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