Reliable Heavy Duty Connectors from SMICO Connectivity

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#HeavyDutyConnectors for use in harsh environment covering protection degrees up to IP 69k, current rating 10 A to250 A and up to 216 contacts.

#SMICO Connectivity (SMICO) introduces Heavy Duty #Connectors (#HDC), a connectivity solution for harsh environments. The Ingress Protection rating of up to IP69K and 1000 hours corrosion resistance test approval ensure long lasting performance by providing longer machine uptime, quick installation, and protection against environmental hazards including water, dust, chemicals, temperature, vibration, mechanical shock and high pressure. Due to its modular design, heavy duty connectors can help to reduce space requirements in applications providing highly customizable solutions. By combining products from SMICO’s portfolio of cable fittings, #hoods#contacts#male or #female inserts and housings, #HDC can be assembled to almost any configuration for heavy duty applications.

#HDC products have been adopted by a wide range of industries, including the wind energy, robotics, construction machinery, packaging, printing and tobacco machinery as well as railway and automation industries.

HDC products consist of three key elements: #inserts#contactsand #hoods and #housing. The inserts and contacts are #modular and #assembled together to provide electrical performance, and the hoods and housings are made of metal or thermoplastic, robustly structured to provide mechanical and environmental protection for the connector. The waterproof anti-corrosion housing ensures that SMICO's HDC products work under harsh environments and even meet customers' outdoor connection needs.

SMICO's HDC product series support a wide range of electrical requirements, e.g. a rated current from 5A to 350A. The modular system provides a high degree of flexibility for customers to customize their solutions for different applications, without the need for modifications.

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