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         After years of research and development, the company has developed hundreds of products and various combinations, which can meet the electrical and signal connection requirements of various equipment in different fields, different occasions, different equipment and under different conditions. The products are widely used in industrial automation, hot runner mold, rail transit, various equipment manufacturing, power equipment, new energy and industrial system connection, Therefore, it is widely used.The quality and technical indexes of the developed products have met the requirements of the main engine factory. The company's production condition quality assurance system has passed the ISO9002 certification. The products are produced according to the international general standards, and its technical level has reached the international level of similar products. The products have passed the safety certification type test of domestic and international authoritative testing institutions, and all technical performances have also reached and confirmed the international professional technical standards.
         According to the statistics of industry authorities, the annual demand of this series of products at home and abroad is as high as tens of billions. China is a large manufacturing country of various equipment products and the largest consumer market in the world. In other words, such a large number of new heavy-duty connecting components supporting the whole machine not only have a large demand in the domestic market, but also have a wider demand in the foreign market.

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