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How to achieve a high-speed, reliable connection? SMICO communication products come to help!

SMICO has a diversified portfolio of communication modular connectors, whether it is the communication data reception of industrial robots, high-definition mobile TV, or the data transmission of rail networks and other industrial network communication scenarios, SMICO's communication products are in total. There is one that matches

Safe Power Saving - USB Module

SMICO has two modules: USB2.0 and USB3.0. USB3.0 has ten times the data bandwidth of USB2.0, up to 5Gb/s (480MB/s). Application requirements to choose.


Robust and reliable - D-sub modules

As an industry standard connector, the D-sub connector plays an important role in many industries. It is the most diverse and widely used input/output connector.

The SMICO D-Sub module is adapted to a 9-pin D-SUB interface, which can transmit analog signals and digital signals. There are two different options: double-lead and single-lead.


High-speed transmission-RJ45 series

RJ45 connectors are most commonly used to connect one Internet-connected device to another network device. For example, connecting to Ethernet devices such as servers, routers, smart TVs, etc. In recent years, it has been widely used in factory automation, industrial process control, Internet of Things (IoT) network devices, etc.

SMICO RJ45 series has multiple performance categories: super category 5, super category 6, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios.


High Frequency Multifunction - Coaxial Module

Coaxial connectors, usually installed on cables, PCB boards or on instruments, mainly play the role of bridge connection. SMICO coaxial modules can transmit radio frequency signals. In addition to the role of bridges, coaxial connectors also serve as bridges. There are functions for processing signals.

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