The Difference Between Heavy-duty Connectors And Traditional Connectors

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Connector Insert is mainly a connector like the name, but it is more suitable for connecting heavy equipment. This connector is more suitable for electrical performance equipment in structural design and material use. The system is more reliable and far exceeds the traditional connection method.

The interface of the heavy-duty connector is generally regarded as an "industrial connector". This connector can still work normally in a harsh industrial environment, so its application in industry is not limited to manufacturing. Traditional connectors can work normally for several years in an ordinary office environment, but if this equipment (ie, copper cable or fiber optic connector) is placed in other environments, not only will the performance and reliability be reduced, but the use time will also be greatly reduced. Therefore, if the traditional connector is still used in an extreme environment, it will need to be frequently maintained and replaced, which will be a huge expense.

From the comparison between traditional and heavy-duty, it can be known that when the environment is extreme, choose a heavy-duty connector. This connector is stronger and more durable.

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