What are the characteristics of rectangular connectors

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Rectangular connectors can be seen in many places. This is also a very common small part in our lives, but rectangular connectors have a very important role. With the development of modern electronic technology, more and more sophisticated, some small, but Parts with great effects are widely created and applied by people, including rectangular connectors. Connectors are not unfamiliar to everyone. The establishment of a certain relationship between an object and another irrelevant object is called a connection.
    Rectangular connector, as the name suggests, its basic structure is rectangular, and in many cases, its mating surface is also an approximate rectangular shape. Rectangular connectors are widely used in many industries. In some instruments and meters, and in our common mechanical engineering, rectangular connectors have a wide range of applications.
    So, what are the characteristics of the rectangular connector? In the rectangular connector, the plug has its own unique characteristics. Not only the plug, but also the socket, it also uses a unique threaded connection. For safety reasons, there are also locking devices. In the application of some electronic equipment, and the application of some high-tech intelligent instruments, there are electrical connections. effect. In the connector, there is a key part, which is the elastic contact line. The structure of this part greatly affects the contact performance of the connector. In the inspection of rectangular connected machines, we must pay attention to the use and quality of this part. If it has good elasticity and considerable impact resistance, it can greatly improve the efficiency of our work in actual production and life, and ensure that the work is carried out in a better and orderly manner.
    Rectangular connectors can be divided into several types according to the different shells. The first is the aluminum cooler shell. The connectors of this shell have products with various pitches. In addition to our common 9.15 and other commonly used pitch products, there are 1.27MM pitch products. There is also a product with a full-speed shell, which also has a variety of pitches to choose from. The same is true for the extended shell, but the connector of this shell can also be developed in a targeted manner according to the needs of the customer, which provides customers with considerable convenience. In today's production and life, we should choose good and excellent products to serve us better.What are the characteristics of rectangular connectors

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