What is a heavy duty connector?

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What is a heavy duty connector?

Heavy-duty connectors are highly robust connectors designed to work in much harsher environments than standard cables such as in areas that are subject to high vibrations, high amounts of dust, mechanical impacts and temperature fluctuations. They can be used to transmit power and data signals separately or within a single housing.

Where can I use a heavy duty connector?

Heavy Duty connectors can be used in many applications such as food and medical machinery, oil and gas industries, construction machinery, facility engineering systems and other industrial applications. Certain heavy-duty connectors such as the Revos EX series can also be used in Zone 1 hazardous areas for areas with an explosive gas atmosphere.

You should use heavy-duty connectors in products and applications which will be subject to harsher environments than is commonly found in day to day applications. These would be areas that are subject to high vibrations, temperature fluctuations or places where mechanical impacts are likely to occur. Certain heavy-duty connectors are also the best option for application within Zone 1 hazardous areas which are subject to an explosive gas atmosphere.

What is a heavy duty connector?

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