35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector 09310062601

Screw termination with wire protection, Suitable for power supply applications, Termination with standard screw driver
Number of contacts:
6 pins
Rated current:
Rated voltage conductor:
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Standard Export Cartons
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Within 7 Days
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35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector  09310062601

35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector  09310062601

35AMP  heavy vduty connector Screw termination with wire protection,
Suitable for power supply applications,Termination with standard screw driver

6 Poles+PE,35A,screw male insert 

Inserts Suitable Shell:16BHood/Housing
Number of contacts 6
Electrical data acc. to EN 61 984  
---Rated current 35A
---Rated voltage conductor - ground 400V
---Rated voltage conductor - conductor 690V
---Rated impulse voltage 6kV
---Pollution degree 3
---or 35A 500V 6kV 3
Rated voltage acc. to UL/CSA 600V
Insulation resistance ≥1010Ω
Material polycarbonate
Limiting temperatures -40℃...+125℃
Flammability acc. to UL 94 V0
Mechanical working life(mating cycles) ≥500
Material copper alloy
Surface hard-silver plated
Contact resistance ≤1mΩ
Screw terminal  
---Wrie gauge 6mm²
---AWG 10
---Tightening torque 1.2Nm

SMICO heavy duty connector can match the following interchangeable.

The hood and housing for H16B . 

Suppier Plug insert Socket insert



H 09310062601 09310062701
TE T2060062101-000 T2060062201-000
LAPP EPIC 10.1700 10.1710

Heavy-duty connectors, also known as HDC heavy-duty connectors, aviation plugs, are widely used in construction machinery, textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, tobacco machinery, robots, rail transit, hot runners, electricity, automation, etc. that require electrical and signal connections In the device.

  The function of the heavy-duty connector
   1. Electrical insulation between connectors to avoid interference between signals.
        2. Fix the position of the connector, which is conducive to plugging and unplugging and the stability of the position.
        3. Provide mechanical protection and support for the insert body.
        4. Separate the connector from the application environment, reduce environmental pollution and corrosion of the connector, and extend the service life of the connector.

  The advantages of heavy-duty connectors
  1. Realize pre-installation, pre-installation of a large number of complicated circuits, which can greatly improve the efficiency of equipment installation and reduce the rate of wiring errors.
        2. The heavy-duty connector provides a highly integrated connection, and the abundant combination methods maximize the effective utilization of the equipment space.
       3. Heavy-duty connector The connector conveniently and efficiently realizes the modular structure of each functional template block in the equipment, so that the equipment can be transported, installed, maintained and repaired conveniently and safely. Connectors are widely used in the field of power transmission and distribution.
      4. The high protection level (IP65, IP68) provided by the heavy-duty connector is incomparable to the advantages of the equipment connection system in the harsh environment. Provide effective protection in harsh environments such as sand, dust, rain, cold, ice and snow, and oil pollution.

   heavy-duty connector wiring method
   1. Loosen the screw with a screwdriver, put the wire into the side hole of the insert, and then tighten the screw.
        2. To install the upper shell of the heavy-duty connector, use a screwdriver to unscrew the fixing screws of the insert, put the insert into the upper shell, and then tighten the fixing screws.
        3. For the installation of the lower shell of the heavy-duty connector, use the same method to fix the lower shell, and insert the upper shell and the lower shell of the inserted body into each other.

35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector  09310062601

35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector  09310062601

SMICO heavy duty connector 

  • Compatible with other brands

  • accept OEM /ODM 

  • accept customized colour : like blue ,black 

  • The popular parts in stock , delivery time fast  

  • Export Packing : Packing for each items respectively or packing for full one set  

  • Without MOQ except the customized type 


35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector  09310062601Heavy duty connector  ensure safe and reliable transmission of power, signals and data in industrial environments - from the control cabinet to the field ,you choose the right combination of inserts ,housing and contacts of the connectors you want .

35 Amp 6 Pin Heavy Duty Wire Connector  09310062601


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