A Good Connector Must Highlight Two Aspects

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With the development of science and technology in today's society, mechanized equipment is becoming more and more advanced, and the trend of replacing manpower is becoming more and more obvious. In machinery, there is an important part called Connector Insert. Although this part is small, it often plays a very important role. As a hub that plays a connecting role, the quality of the connector directly determines the safety performance, practical performance, and life of a machine. Therefore, choosing a good connector is very critical.

The evaluation of whether a connector is good or not mainly depends on the mechanical performance of the connector. The so-called connection mainly refers to whether the insertion force and extraction force of this part meet the standard. If the insertion force is too high, it is difficult to insert, which is not only very inconvenient, but also brings safety hazards to the entire machine if it takes a long time. For the extraction force, this one should be as large as possible, because if the extraction force is too small, it is easy to fall off, which not only affects the service life of the connector, but also causes certain safety hazards to the entire machine.

When choosing a connector, you must pay attention to its environmental adaptability. That is to say, choose according to the working environment of the equipment. The working temperature range of the connector must be greater than the working temperature range of the equipment. It must be able to work under the maximum humidity of the equipment. It must have the ability to resist impact, extrusion and even vibration. In terms of high and low temperature resistance, a good connector must work normally under its nominal high and low temperature, and its parts cannot be damaged due to high and low temperatures. In terms of humidity, it is well known that humidity will affect the insulation performance of the connector, so when choosing a connector, you must consider whether the humidity of the environment will affect the connector, and choose a connector with a corresponding protection level. Another important indicator of the connector is its earthquake and impact resistance, which is very obvious in aerospace, railways, and road transportation. The connector must be sturdy and have a very good earthquake resistance effect. It can maintain normal operation when encountering some harsh environments, and at the same time, it will not be damaged by huge impacts and affect the operation of the machinery.

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