Heavy duty connector hood housing

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How to install the traditional control cabinet

1. The user needs to install nearly 300 wires, these wires are of different thickness, length, function and direction
2. The size of any connector on the cable is larger than the size of the cable. At present, the operation must pass the cable through the opening of the cabinet from the outside of the cabinet, and then assemble the connector or wire harness inside the cabinet.
3. Since this process needs to be completed on site, there are the following limitations
    a) Limited operating space
    b) Bad operating environment
    c) High operating error rate

What is the effect of heavy duty connector with SMICO?

A set of 24-pin connectors is used as a basis for comparison. The picture below shows the 24-pin ferrule + rear panel mounting base with Han connection.
From this calculation, the installation time can be reduced by up to 90%. The overall production efficiency has increased by at least 37%. Once the user needs to perform multiple assembly and disassembly, each assembly and disassembly can save 27% of the production cost.

The above does not account for any cost of wiring errors due to field operating space constraints and low level of field operators. At the same time, since the cable pre-installation can be completed on the production line. The cable does not need to reserve more length in order to ensure a certain operating space, so the material cost is also reduced by a certain proportion.

If you also have the production needs of automated control cabinets; if you also need to install a large number of connectors on the cabinet; if you have been plagued by the low quality of on-site operations; if you also want to install panels efficiently to improve. Do not hesitate to contact SMICO today 

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