SMICO heavy duty connector

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When it comes to the power players in the connector industry, it is none other than heavy duty. It debuted with ultra-high standard C-position and was born for harsh application environments. It is called the "special force" in the connector.
Strong structure, stable performance, safe and durable. Although the heavy-duty connectors currently on the market can meet this standard. However, with the development of the industry made in China, the requirements for connectors of intelligent terminal equipment are becoming more and more diverse.
With years of technology accumulation and the urgent need for interconnection and cooperation between product-related modules, Smeike heavy-duty connectors have launched a series of innovative heavy-duty connector products.
With the rapid development of informatization and electronics, heavy-duty connectors are being demanded by more and more industries because of their advantages of simplified process, high performance, and resistance to harsh environments. The requirements and choices for overloaded connectors in different fields and scenarios are quite different.

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