SMICO connect Heavy Duty Connectors

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SMICO connect Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC) provide extensive industrial inserts, enclosures and more than 6,000 complementary products including: alternate or direct-current connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications; multi-pole connectors for use in electronic machinery, robots, electric panels, control equipment, power and control- or signal-circuit connectivity; enclosures for standard, harsh and EMC environments; plastic and metal cable glands. All products are designed with top-quality materials and conform to international standards and UL/CSA requirements.

The principal HDC parts are comprised of die-cast aluminum alloy with either a polyester powder (nickel-plated for EMC versions) finish or a self-extinguishing thermoplastic. Coupling stability and accidental opening protection is achieved by two locking systems (mono-block levers in galvanized or stainless steel or springs and pegs in stainless steel). Sealing of dust, water and aggressive agents is assured with internal protective gaskets.

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