SMICO HK series is no longer single

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Due to the market request for the HK series and  its singleness, our company  has tried to work  and approve the series and  launched more HK series products, the newly developed  HK series are with crimp terminal. The model is as bellow: HK-008/24-MC/FC,HK-006/36-MC/FC,HK-012/2-MC/FC.In addition to the exiting Hk  series with screw terminal,we also developed  the new model:HK-004/8-M/Fand HK-006/12-M/F.One more new  different HK series is HK-006/6-M/F wtih Screw Terminal.These new HK series products  enable HK products to show it's special characteristics and advantage and meet  the various need of different clients.

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