The analysis of the development of heavy-duty connector Market

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The performance of different manufacturers in different application areas are also different. The overall capacity of the machinery market is large, most of the enterprises in the field have been performed, but because of the machinery market competition is more obvious, the customer is more dispersed. In the field of electric power and rail transportation, the choice of brand is more obvious. The survey results show that the main clients of HDC group in the field of electricity, rail transportation, machinery and so on the price of HDC is not very sensitive, which has the advantage of brand of foreign enterprises has always maintained a strong momentum of development, and almost monopoly in some segments of the market position. The electric field HDC 2010 sales of the top five enterprises accounted for 60% of sales to the entire power industry, and the field of rail transportation is only the top three enterprises accounted for 70% of total sales to the field, including Hardin, in the field of rail transportation HDC's market share is as high as 42%, and many manufacturers in these areas only accounted for a small share of the market.

At present, the competition of heavy duty connector market is becoming more and more serious. Mainland HDC products demand is increasing, in recent years, the demand is a massive growth in the mainland over the past 2010 years, there have been more HDC manufacturers, and foreign HDC manufacturers have chosen this time to enter the mainland market. Many companies are expanding investment in the mainland market, expanding production capacity. Foreign brands are almost all efforts to increase access to the mainland HDC Market

With the increasing competition in HDC industry, price has become one of the most important factors affecting the market competition. 67% of the firms in the past year without price adjustment, 27% of the enterprises in late 2010 or early 2012 will be price increases, a common cause of price adjustment is the main raw material prices, one of the reasons for the price increase in personnel costs is also a small part of the business, the price rises are within 7%; of which 6% of the enterprises due to competition slightly lowered the price. Although the price of copper and other raw materials continued to rise, but the price of HDC products has been relatively stable, or even a downward trend. And the main high-end products of domestic brands and foreign brands of the main low-end products have emerged, the competition will be more intense at different product levels. At the same time, the price of HDC products, the price of foreign brands is also significantly higher than similar specifications of domestic brands. Similar specifications differ greatly in the price level of different manufacturers, some products spread nearly 5 times.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, how to ensure the quality and reduce costs has become the focus of many enterprises HDC product development. At present, HDC product performance and technology as a whole has been more mature, in order to reduce costs, manufacturers will be more consideration in the use of new materials. According to the needs of the market, the future of the HDC design need to be improved; the modular product has the characteristics of abundant function, convenient application, due to the current market price, promotion and other reasons, the market has not yet been officially launched, but in the future will be a direction of development. The new high-end products to better meet the needs of customers in the use of convenience, relatively high price and ensure the profits of enterprises, so the products have been favored by enterprises has become a direction of enterprise product development.


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