Modular Hinged Frame PLUS Connectors

Pre -leading grounding system according VDE. Modular can only be assembled polarized. Alphabetical marking of module position. High mechanical reliability of modules in case of vibration and impact stress. No tools necessary to remove modules. Hinged frames can be used either in hood or housing.
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Modular Hinged Frame PLUS Connectors

SMICO Modular Hinged Frame PLUS Connectors improve the way modules are installed and removed. With these Hinged Frame Plus Connectors, no additional tooling is needed to remove the modules and an audible "click" verifies frame locking. The Hinged Frame Plus is the quickest design for adding/removing modules and only needs one part number, foregoing the need for a locking element.

Number of modules 2
PE contact(Wire gauge)  
-Power side 4-10mm2
-Signal side 1-2.5mm2
Material zinc die-cast
Limiting temperatures -40℃...+125℃
Mechanical working life(mating cycles) ≥500

The module heavy-duty connector is one of the SMICO heavy-duty connectors. Many customers do not guide how to install the module heavy-duty connector. Let's take a look at the correct installation method.
Materials needed: frame, module
Step 1: Loosen the screws on the left and right sides of the metal frame
Step 2: After the screws are loosened, the metal frame can be opened so that the module can be put in
Step 3: Put the module into the frame so that the protrusions on both sides of the module are put into the holes on both sides of the metal frame
Step 4: After placing the required modules, re-tighten the screws
The heavy-duty connector of the module is installed. If there is a shell outside, then put the whole frame into the shell and fix it.


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