PT terminal block, push-in terminal block for quick connection

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PT in-line terminal block
The PT series terminal blocks of the push-in connection are suitable for connecting all kinds of conductors with a nominal wire diameter of 1.5 mm² to 185 mm².
Just insert a rigid wire with a wire diameter of more than 0.25 mm² or a flexible wire with a cold ferrule into the wiring position, and the wiring is convenient and fast. The contact springs open automatically, creating sufficient pressing force on the current bar. When installing thin wires with a wire diameter of 0.14 mm² or more, use a standard screwdriver to unscrew the contact spring.
This series of terminal blocks takes full advantage of the advantages of the CLIPLINE complete system. Various connection technologies and standardized system accessories can be freely combined.

With push-in connection technology, conductors with a diameter of 0.25 mm² can be easily and directly connected without tools. With special contact springs, the wires can be inserted easily and the connection quality is high. The advantages of the push-in connection technology are: up to 50% less insertion force and tool-free wiring.

Save time by connecting pre-treated rigid conductors without tools thanks to the push-in connection
Easily insert wires with 50% less effort
Pull-out buttons are color-coded for safe wiring and operation
Easy wire release without special tools
Uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories reduce logistics costs
Push-in terminal blocks are part of the COMPLETE line system

In-line connection technology details

Connect rigid conductors or prefabricated conductors with ferrules directly without tools.
The special spring design can easily insert rigid conductors with a wire diameter of 0.25 mm² or more and flexible conductors with ferrules to achieve strong conductor pull-out force.
Easily insert wires with 50% less effort.
The pull-assist button enables a variety of tools to release conductors without direct contact with live parts.
When connecting flexible wires with a wire diameter of 0.14 mm² or more without a ferrule, you only need to easily open the pull-assist button when inserting.
The pull button is color coded for safe wiring and operation.
Front wiring for easy connection of various wires.

PT terminal block, push-in terminal block for quick connection

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