SMICO heavy duty connector modules

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Exceptional performance in any environment
Outside the control cabinet, the world of connectors is rougher. Hard types are in demand here that are just as immune to extreme industrial or climatic influences as they are to electromagnetic interference: Genuine SMICO module, who master the complete range of energy, signal, and data transmission with absolute performance and power. Welcome to the SMICO family of heavy-duty connectors.
Simple and fast configuration
Design the appearance of our SMICO individually according to your wishes and configure your connectors with coordinated inserts, contacts, and housings simply and conveniently online.
Enable the safe and efficient supply of compressed air to drives, controls, braking systems, holding, and unloading devices

Combined with a SMICO housing and other electrical contacts of the module series, our SMICO pneumatic modules provide – in a single connector – the option for hybrid configurations of compressed air, power, signal, and data transmission. This combination is particularly compact and also saves a lot of time during installation and maintenance.
Your benefits
Stop valves in the socket contact prevent the escape of compressed air even when the plug connector is disconnected
Contacts for different pneumatic hose diameters (1.6, 3, 4, and 6 mm) ensure flexibility
The combination with all inserts of the SMICO module series enables a wide range of applications

SMICO heavy duty connector modules

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